vSphere 6.0 - PSC and Enhanced Link Mode - Introduction

On the Feb/March 2015 a new vSphere 6.0 was released.
A full list of new features you can find here: http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/vsphere/VMW-WP-vSPHR-Whats-New-6-0-PLTFRM.pdf

In every new release VMware used to add updates and enhancements however this time they surprised us with something completely new.

The main new features are:

Platform Service Controller

The PSC includes common services used across VMware vCloud Suite®. This includes VMware vCenter Single Sign-On™, licensing, and certificate management. PSCs replicate information such as licenses, roles and permissions, and tags with other PSCs.
PSC Components:
VMware Appliance Management Service
VMware Authentication Framework
VMware Certificate Service
VMware Common Logging Service
VMware Component Manager
VMware Directory Service
VMware HTTP Reverse Proxy
VMware Identity Management Service
VMware License Service
VMware Security Token Service
VMware Service Control Agent
VMware Syslog Health Service

Enhanced Link Mode

Enhanced Linked Mode links multiple vCenter Server systems by using one or more Platform Services Controllers. With Enhanced Linked Mode, you can view and search across all linked vCenter Server systems. This mode replicates roles, permissions, licenses, and other key data across systems.

Both of them are only to simplify and provide management for multiple vCenter Servers. PSC provides some sort of load balancing while accessing the vCenters and can be deployed in HA solution...

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