DELL EQUALLOGIC SNMP polling for MRTG graphs

I understand that MRTG is kinda obsolete and not very often used these days. People preferably choosing tools like Graphite/Grafana or InfluxDB/Grafana and more other visualization tools to create graphs in favor of MRTG and I perfectly understand that.

However, here is the idea how to do MRTG graphs specifically for Equallogic SAN and IOPS count measures.

The trick to achieve that was to use the SNMP Poll sting with some DELL Equallogic unique values.

The SNMP string at the end after hostname portion consist of five colons :::::. Normally to poll metrics you will use it like that - :::::2

DELL uses its unique values as shown below:


In this section ::33:1:1:2 the unique for Equallogic are 33, 1, 1.

What is also important when polling metrics for IOPS is to use the MaxBytes value like this 18446744073709551616

Remember that when polling SAN IOPS graphs.

Example below:

###### SAN VOLUMES IOPS ##########

Target[DELL-EQ-SAN]: eqliscsiVolumeStatsReadOpCount.409478077.10&eqliscsiVolumeStatsWriteOpCount.409478077.10:SNMPS3CR3T@DELL-EQ-SAN-1::33:1:1:2  
MaxBytes[DELL-EQ-SAN]: 18446744073709551616  
Options[DELL-EQ-SAN]: growright  
#kilo[DELL-EQ-SAN]: 1024
Title[DELL-EQ-SAN]: IO/s on Volume SAN-VOLUME-1  
YLegend[DELL-EQ-SAN]: I/Os per Second  
Legend1[DELL-EQ-SAN]: Read I/Os  
Legend2[DELL-EQ-SAN]: Write I/Os  
LegendI[DELL-EQ-SAN]: Read I/Os  
LegendO[DELL-EQ-SAN]: Write I/Os  
PageTop[DELL-EQ-SAN]: <H1>IO/s on Volume SAN-VOLUME-1</H1>  
ShortLegend[DELL-EQ-SAN]: /sec  

The above example poll DELL Equallogic SAN-GROUP called DELL-EQ-SAN and value 409478077.10 determines to read metrics for volume called SAN-VOLUME-1 which exists on the SAN.

Values eqliscsiVolumeStatsReadOpCount and eqliscsiVolumeStatsWriteOpCount were imported to MRTG config as follows:

LoadMIBs:/var/www/mrtg/eqlvolume.mib, /var/www/mrtg/eqlmember.mib

I hope this was useful and you are able to create nice MRTG Graphs :)

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